Age old cupping therapy presents amazing pain relieving benefits.

From centuries, the cupping therapy has been repeatedly used to alleviate pain and attain relaxation. Today it is more refined and an effective form of alternate medicine wherein cups are placed upside down over the skin to build blood suction. These cups are made of different materials namely, wood, silicone, bamboo and earthenware.

Cupping Therapy at EEZ Align

At our clinic, we render only dry cupping. It leads to rising and reddening of skin and thus, expands the blood vessels. Silicone cups additionally provide massaging effect as they can be moved on the skin from one to another place.


It is stated by British cupping society and Chinese researchers that this technique can treat conditions namely, herpes zoster, facial paralysis, acne, cervical spondylosis, blood disorders, rheumatic diseases, migraines, anxiety and depression, high BP etc. We have gained trust of our patients and have provided satisfactory as well as safe treatment to them.

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