Needling the trigger points help control pain and improve body functions

Dry needling is a precision technique used by physio-therapists to treat impairments pertaining to movements and relieves pain. It is an advanced technique where dry needle is penetrated into the skin to stimulate myofascial trigger points and relating tissues. 

Now, the question that arises here is….What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is taut band within the tender muscular area that when touched via dry needle can instantly relax the tensions in the muscles and lessen pain. A dry needle is a slender filiform needle which is penetrated into the skin to inactivate the tender trigger points and this may results in mild pain in other body parts.


Our physical therapists are impeccable in performing this technique on patients and take requisite caution while doing it. They perform dry needling only after wearing gloves and with apt PPE (Personal protective equipment). Their training and substantial experience has helped many patients that have been complaining about constant muscular pain and motor dysfunctions in their body. We aim to provide rehabilitation and relief to your body from pain and hence our therapists make sure to render their best services and consultation.

It is believed that dry needling is effective in mitigating muscular tensions, pain reduction and strengthening range of body movements. Also, that our therapists have all the skills and knowledge to precisely palpate the required mysofacial trigger point’s i.e. hyperirritable points in skeletal muscles and prescribe required precautions and procedure relating to pre & post treatment.

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