The disorders pertaining to musculoskeletal system affect organs that are directly linked to our nervous system namely, spine, nerves, ligaments and joints. Chiropractic is one of the most cost-effective alternate medicine solutions introduced by Daniel David Planner. It has significantly diagnosed and treated patients via its pain-relieving treatment techniques. In our daily lives, we often have to sit for long hours at work stations or in wrong posture and do laborious work due to which we experience back, head and neck pain.

A series of Chiropractic treatments are proven to be less expensive and effective for reducing such pain. In addition, there are absolutely no surgical risks involved and minimal chances of adverse outcome. One of our most excellent chiropractic techniques is spinal manipulations.  

Our chiropractors have attained expertise in the field and can dexterously diagnose as well as perform spinal manipulations and other effective chiropractic techniques to treat and prevent spinal or neck pains and cure musculoskeletal conditions including spinal subluxations that are generally detected right after birth. Subluxations are misalignment of spine bones that hamper body functioning leading to reduction in immunity, imbalance and tiredness. Chiropractic therapy offers a holistic treatment that involves regular check up, periodic sessions, constant treatment for a substantial time-frame and check-up till old age. It is advisable to embrace chiropractic care at the earliest in order to improve the well-being and functioning of body.

Our practitioners use both hands as well as technical aids to perform the procedures. Our objective is to give our patients the best, effectual and fruitful health care solutions for helping them get rid of pain and disorders. Chiropractic has helped many of our patients with their neck or back pains as well as headaches. Our programs try to make use of best of available health care treatments for our patients to fix their alignment or pain concerns. The length of our treatment program varies from patient to patient on the basis of many factors namely, health, injury, diagnosis, lifestyle etc.

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I searched for the best rated Chiropractor in Gurgaon and Dr. Isha was the first one listed. I have had acute sciatic pain for a couple of weeks and first sought help at one of the better known hospitals. I should have come sooner to Dr. Ishar's clinic. From the moment I arrived I knew I was in the right place. The Doctor and her team have been amazing. Professional as well as caring. I can not recommend them highly enough.