Safe, effective and economical programs to mitigate muscular/ joint pain and strengthen body movement.

Embrace physiotherapy to enjoy independent and functional lifestyle

Physiotherapy is an effective and non-invasive solution to treat pain, physical injuries or dysfunction and strengthen body function and movements. With the aid of advanced techniques, equipments and trained methods, this science has impressively diagnosed the root causes of pain or dysfunction and offers an array of safe and effectual methods of treatment to restore function and reduce pain.

We have qualified physiotherapists who personally look after their patients and adroitly provide exemplary treatment to them with an objective to make their life healthier and happier. They have attained substantial expertise and experience to diagnose the grounds of dysfunction and pain and initiate the right course of physiotherapy treatments to prevent serious ailments namely, spinal pain, neck pain, osteoarthritic pain, frozen shoulder, ligament sprain, tendonitis, muscle sprain etc.

We have embraced the technology introduced in the field and have equipped our clinic with latest treatment techniques and therapeutic aids namely, spinal traction, electrotherapy modalities, spinal mobilization, wax heaters etc. to restore functions and minimize pain. Our specialized and cost-effective physiotherapy programs and exercises can treat sport or accidental injuries and other serious disorders. Today, physiotherapy is one of the most sought after alternate medical solutions in many areas like neurology, cardio-respiratory, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports, senior and women’s health.


It has miraculously brought impressive differences in a person’s living ability, personality and lifestyle. We have helped many disabled and veteran patients and have gifted them a decent physical functioning that allows them happy and independent life. We have effectively benefitted many patients suffering with musculoskeletal diseases, trauma, arthritis, neuro-disorders and other complicated surgery patients via our periodic physiotherapy programs and regime.

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