Stay free from stiffness and chronic pain by adopting rolfing

Structural integration, in other words, ‘Rolfing’ restructures the body by touching, interacting and moving. Dr. Ida Rolf invented this process and discovered that human body works aptly when aligned with earth’s gravity. Its objective is to harmonize the body with earth’s gravitational force in order to attain balance, freedom and health. 

Treatment @ EEZ ALIGN

Patients suffering from emotional distress, physical injuries, serious ailments or stress come to us to try the benefits of structural integration. 

We at EEZ Align thoroughly studied this interesting phenomenon, its aspects, its benefits and working in order to gain experience and expertise in the field. Generally, it requires 10 sessions in all where initial 7 sessions emphasize on structuring and rest 3 are more of integrative session where we concentrate on body integration. We schedule individual and custom-made sessions as per patients therapeutic needs for body alignment and extent of his/her injuries.


Our well-trained practitioners apply gentle and consistent pressure within body’s soft tissues, keeping in mind the length and spacing between the points. This technique differs from person to person depending on his/her individual body field and problems. We organize the body in sync with earth’s gravitational field in order to strengthen the inner energy field of the body.


Structural integration tends to provide amazing benefits. Our practitioners explain its benefits to our patients and help them realize its effects. It makes people energetic and lighter. Also, it helps in increasing height, reduces weight, reduces chronic pains, boost self-confidence and provide flexibility. In all, we reinstate natural body alignment by using soft tissue technique and enhance well-being.

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